#cookiesforcharity – Que Milagro!

October 29, 2020

Today is my grandmother Milagros’ birthday. It’s her first one since she passed. From the moment I woke up today I have alternated between weeping and happiness.

Happy because she is no longer suffering. She isn’t waking up afraid and confused. She isn’t starting her day wondering where she is or who the people around her are. Happy because she isn’t ill in a COVID pandemic, exacerbating her already strained way of living.

Weeping because I just never thought the world would keep spinning when she left it. Because she was my port in the storm. Because I thought of her a million times over this last year when I was scared or worried or had great news. Like when I was on TV sharing a business I named in her honor. ✨

lori on good day sacramento

Alzheimer’s and dementia robbed my wela of the very light within her that drew people to her. I try very hard not to think about what little of her was really left in the end before she left us. I try to remember her singing to me and hugging me. I remember her cooking & dancing. I think about the silly songs she made up and how I do that now.

Anyway. I share all of this today because in addition to feeling sad today I also wanted to do something besides just cry.

So from today until next Thursday November 5th, 20% of every single sale I make will go to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. An organization that not only is working towards a cure, but also helps care for people and their families during their toughest time within the battle.

gift cards

If you don’t feel up to cookies now, you can purchase a gift card for later or as a gift to anyone who may be going through a tough time right now and some wela-inspired home goods may cheer them up. Gift card purchases will go towards the donation as well. If you are buying this particular week in honor of someone, please let me know and I will add their name to my note in the donation.

Thanks for supporting my cookie dream over the last few months. Truth is, I have always baked. But I dove into my kitchen – my safe space – when she left us last year as a way to process my grief.

I’m still grieving and even though I know grieving will never totally stop, baking has helped me get through it. -Lori